Ward Reports July 26, 2021

Ald. Silvana Tabares (23) included an appreciation in her latest newsletter for the Archer Heights Civic Association’s “graffiti patrol.” 

Ald. Scott Waguespack (32) wrote in his latest newsletter that he wants “to see a comprehensive review and revision of the Park District sexual harassment policy, and will review all City of Chicago and Chicago sister agency policies.” 

Ald. Gilbert Villegas (36) tweeted that employer-required vaccination “needs to occur ASAP. Put away the COVID-shot carrots. It's time for some sticks.” 

Ald. Andre Vasquez (40) wrote in his latest newsletter that a civilian police oversight commission “represents a much-needed official commitment to police oversight in a city that has been scarred by generations of segregation, racial abuse, police torture and corruption, and the loss of innocent lives to police violence. For Chicago taxpayers, oversight is also a path towards ending the hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars in police wrongdoing settlements paid out by the City every year.” 

Ald. Brendan Reilly (42) in his latest newsletter explained his “no” vote for a civilian police oversight commission, writing that he “believes this legislation was well-intended, and thinks there are many opportunities for reform in the Chicago Police Department. However, there are already existing agencies which are tasked with Police oversight, and the Alderman believes those agencies should be improved before adding a new layer of bureaucracy, with significant added expense to taxpayers.” 

Ald. Matt Martin (47) wrote in his latest newsletter that after standing up the police oversight commission, “we must rapidly ramp up our compliance with the consent decree, expand support for violence-reduction organizations, and stand up a pilot in which crisis workers will be paired with paramedics in responding to mental health calls for service. We're not yet where we want to be, but this oversight board is a critical step in the right direction.” 

Ald. Maria Hadden (49) tweeted that she is “Looking forward to reading [a new regional climate action] plan, Chicago will be key in any successful plan which is why I introduced an Order for the City to tell us what funding is necessary to reconstitute a meaningful Dept. of Environment. Chicago can't wait.” 

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