Ward Reports November 16, 2022

Ald. Harry Osterman (48) tweeted “As temperatures this week dip below freezing, remember that the City’s community service centers with @ChiFamSupport will be open from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday. This includes 845 W. Wilson Ave.”  

Ald. Andre Vasquez (40) tweeted “Proud to stand with @afscme31 , @BobReiterJr, @chicagolabor, and @RossanaFor33 in support of Field Museum Workers United,  who have been organizing to form a union in spite of union busting tactics by CEO Julian Siggers. Chicago is a UNION town! Don’t get it twisted!”  

Comm. Sean Morrison (R-17) tweeted “FTX, crashed because of the free fall of bitcoin and a run from crypto investors calling on to sell off their positions! The apparent scammer, Sam Bankman-Fried just got George Bailey’d.”  

Ald. Roderick Sawyer (6) tweeted “Just saw Lori's ad. She was "cool" on Covid. What was NOT cool? Raising bridges. Berating staff. Freezing out reporters for doing their jobs. Standing in the way of police reform. Breaking campaign promises. And a classic Chicago pizza has sausage! #SawyerForChicago #ResetChicago  

Ald. Matt Martin (47) tweeted “Welcome @HopButcher to the 47th Ward!” 

Ald. Carlos Ramirez-Rosa (35) tweeted “A lesson for 2023 Chicago mayoral and aldermanic candidates: IL Republicans thought misinformation and fear-mongering about crime was their ticket to victory. Republicans lost big, particularly in the city. Chicago voters want and deserve honest conversations on public safety.”

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