Ward Reports May 20, 2022

Ald. Carlos Ramirez-Rosa (35) tweeted “We all want safer streets, and that is why I'm calling on my #ChiCouncil colleagues to join me in opposing Mayor Lightfoot's expansion of Chicago's juvenile curfew ordinance. As Professor @JenniferDoleac states: ‘juvenile curfews are counterproductive for public safety.’”  

Ald. Andre Vasquez (40) tweeted “So first there’s a reactive, badly thought out youth curfew executive order by our Mayor, and now there’s an “except for Lollapalooza though” clause, because…A. Racism B. Capitalism C. Racial Capitalism #youpick *next will be the ban on dancing like in Footloose”  

Ald. Michele Smith (43) in her latest newsletter addressed the recently approved ward map, writing “we were able to hold firm and retain our ward largely untouched, except that the 43rd Ward had to shrink to get closer to the average population per ward of 55,000 people.  We therefore made the painful decision to shrink our western boundary and a bit of our Gold Coast area to comply with the Constitutional duty to keep wards generally the same population.”  

Ald. Tom Tunney (44) in his latest newsletter wrote “I am excited to see the tremendous progress at the newest public art piece in the 44th Ward. The artist collective "Green Star Movement," with community engagement, is creating a mosaic at the UPS Store on Southport thanks to the Lakeview Public Art Committee and Special Service Area #27. Tomorrow, Friday May 20th, is the last day to participate.”  

Ald. James Cappleman (46) in his latest newsletter wrote “Last Monday, City Council squeaked by with 2 votes to spare for a new map for all 50 wards in the City of Chicago... The 46th Ward is among the most densely populated wards, so its landmass is smaller than most other wards. Although we gained in population, the surrounding wards gained more, which means the 46th Ward had to expand in landmass to the west and take up some of land that was previously part of the 47th Ward, and it had to give up the area north of Ainslie, which means the Bezazian Library will now be in the 48th Ward.”  

Ald. Maria Hadden (49) tweeted “Illinois Secretary of State candidate @AnnaValenciaIL will always work to fight for the people of Illinois to have their rights protected and for services for all of us. The choice is clear.” 

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