• Erin Hegarty
    DEC 23, 2022

    Challenges to Logalbo’s petitions sustained as mayoral candidate pool shrinks to 10

    Members of the Chicago Electoral Board meet Thursday. [Erin Hegarty/The Daily Line]  

    The Chicago Electoral Board on Thursday adopted the recommendation that mayoral candidate Johnny Logalbo's nominating petitions are not "legally valid" for the reasons detailed in the two separate cases that were filed challenging his petitions. 

    The decision shrinks the mayoral candidate pool for the Feb. 28 election down to 10.   

    Logalbo was one of 11 mayoral candidates to file petition signatures last month for a chance to make it on the Feb. 28 ballot. Though a longshot candidate, Logalbo’s petitions faced separate challenges from Andre Holland and Devlin Schoop. 

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    Holland’s challenge to Logalbo’s candidacy takes aim at his failure to file the necessary paperwork — including a statement of economic interest — to officially make it on the ballot as a mayoral candidate. Holland also challenged the number of signatures Logalbo filed. The minimum required number of signatures to make it on the ballot as a mayoral candidate is 12,500. 

    Schoop filed a challenge against Logalbo’s candidacy and petition signatures on the same grounds.  

    Logalbo does not appear to have created a fundraising committee for his campaign with the Illinois Board of Elections, but he was one of eight mayoral candidates who attended a Northwest Side Mayoral Candidates Forum hosted by the 38th Ward Democratic Organization last week. 

    Logalbo has posted on Facebook several times in the past week and on Thursday wrote “Don't worry about hearing news now about me being kicked off the ballot it's no surprise to me I'm attempting a legal move by filing motions on these two issues and we will see the outcome , if they don't protect me I will run still no worries.” 

    The electoral board’s decision comes one day after mayoral candidates Ja’Mal Green and Willie Wilson and their supporters withdrew challenges to each other’s petitions , securing each of them a place on next year’s ballot. 

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    But as of Thursday, mayoral candidate Ald. Roderick Sawyer (6) is still facing a challenge from Wilson supporter Rickey Hendon 

    Separately on Thursday, the Chicago Electoral Board accepted papers to withdraw candidacy from Nekoiya Washington and Aziza Butler, who were both running in the crowded 21st Ward race. Both Washington and Butler were facing multiple challenges. The Electoral Board also made official Patrick Gibbons’s motion to withdraw his candidacy in the 31st Ward race. Gibbons will officially not appear on the Feb. 28 ballot. 

    Additionally, the following aldermanic candidates will not appear on the Feb. 28 ballot as the challenges to their petitions were sustained: Andrew Cleaver, who was running in the 30th Ward; Tawana Robinson, who was running in the 21st Ward; and Steven Dejoie who was running in the 6th Ward. 

    The 6th, 21st and 30th Ward races are all wide open as Sawyer won’t run for aldermanic reelection and instead is running for mayor and both Ald. Howard Brookins (21) and Ald. Ariel Reboyras (30) announced earlier this year they will retire at the end of this term.   


    Additionally on Thursday, the Chicago Electoral Board ruled Patrick Conlon will not appear on the ballot in the 24th police District Council race as the challenge to his petitions had been sustained. 

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