Ward Reports November 28, 2022

Comm. Brandon Johnson (D-1) tweetedSaddened to see more tragedy out of Virginia today. Keeping the victims, families and the Chesapeake community in my heart, as well as victims of gun violence in Chicago and all across our country.”

Ald. Andre Vasquez (40) tweetedThe lack of focus on slowing our streets down by lowering the speed limit or implementing more traffic calming measures creates the opportunity for horrible incidents like this to happen. Having our city host NASCAR races is the wrong direction for the city to go in as well,” in reaction to news of the multi-vehicle accident at 87th and Cottage Grove Wednesday.

Ald. Sophia King (4) tweeted “As we gather today to enjoy our families and express gratitude for all of this year’s blessings, it is always a joy to give back to those in need alongside some incredible civic organizations in our District. #HappyThanksgiving

Ald. Raymond Lopez (15) tweeted “Good morning Chicago - this year when taking advantage of those sales, please consider buying three items: a toy for a child, a toy for a dog/cat, and a coat for an adult. They can be for the #ChicagoTFT Parade, local animal shelter, or your nearest homeless shelter.”

Ald. Rossana Rodriguez (33) tweeted “We will keep fighting to reopen all our Community Mental Health Centers and expand the network & the services so that care is available in every community through clinicians who are unionized & fairly compensated. Chicagoans deserve to be cared for & for that we fight.”

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