Ward Reports May 2, 2022

Ald. Michelle Harris (8) retweeted, “Labor continues to back the @chiunitedmap and the fair and open process that created a map reflecting Chicago's changing demographics.”  

Ald. Raymond Lopez (15) tweeted, “What an honor to again join the brave men & women of @Chicago_Police for the #StJude2022 March! We must always remember those that gave the ultimate sacrifice, and appreciate & respect those still with us serving the great people of Chicago with professionalism and distinction.”  

Ald. Carlos Ramirez-Rosa (35) tweeted, “It's #InternationalWorkersDay, and in Chicago we remember our city's martyrs as we march for workers' rights, immigrants' rights, and abortion rights. The cause of labor is the hope of the world!”  

Ald. Andre Vasquez (40) tweeted, “On this May Day, I want to shout out the staff at the @Starbucks on Clark and Ridge in the 40th Ward as they organize to form a Union here in Chicago!”  

Ald. Brendan Reilly (42) wrote in his latest newsletter, “After thoroughly reviewing survey results, along with comments from hundreds of emails and phone calls to our office, it is clear that 42nd Ward residents are opposed to a casino at Chicago Avenue and Halsted Street.”  

Ald. James Cappleman (46) tweeted “I like this idea!” in reference to a west coast-program offering tax incentives for developers who provide affordable housing.  

Ald. Matt Martin (47) wrote in his latest newsletter, “I voted ‘no’ on [the] gas card ordinance; while I commend the Mayor and many of my colleagues for wanting to help Chicagoans who are facing rising gas prices, it's critical we recognize that food and housing costs (among others) have also increased at their fastest pace in decades. And at a time when access to affordable mental health services has never been more important, I believe there are multiple areas that are just as deserving of millions of dollars in public funds.” 

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