Ward Reports March 12, 2024

Ald. Daniel La Spata (1) posted "We are at Kosciuszko Park with .@35th_Ward@Ward26Chicago, @CommissionerAJQ to hear from the @LCBetterHousing Law Center for Better Housing on Renters Rights. Please visit our office so we can help coordinate resources if you’re facing housing issues in the 1st ward!"

Ald. Andre Vasquez (40) posted "There is a shared history of the US infecting both Black and migrant populations with syphillis (Tuskegee airmen in 1932, Guatemalans in 1946) that speaks to different populations having vaccine hesitancy. Something that should be mentioned in context of why some may be hesitant."

Ald. Maria Hadden (49) posted "Wishing a peaceful Ramadan to all of our 49th Ward families."

Ald. Peter Chico (10) posted "We had a great turnout at the Hegewisch Business Association Installation Raffle. Big thank you to Senator Elgie Sims for all that he has done for the HBA."

Ald. Matt Martin (47) posted "I am thrilled that the Department of Housing is providing funds to preserve the long term affordability of 103 units at the Martha Washington Senior Independent-Living Facility. These tax credits will also allow for the renovation of common and private areas."

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