Chicago Announcements May 12, 2023

Chicago City Clerk Anna Valencia issued a statement Thursday saying that with the day's sunset of Title 42 and as her office and other city departments are preparing for a potential influx of new arrivals, she is "committed to continuing to provide support while making sure her office is serving all Chicagoans." With a surge of migrants arriving in Chicago, Valencia said her office has seen increased demand for the clerk's CityKey program that provides a government-issued identification card, transit card, library card and prescription discount card, all in one, for all Chicagoans. “We’ve done our best to make sure current and new Chicagoans are receiving their CityKey, but the truth is, our Office, like many other programs and departments, simply doesn’t have the resources to meet the demand we’ve seen in recent months,” Valencia said in a news release. “My hope is that by continuing to work with all levels of government, we’ll be able to create some more viable solutions, and that additional federal and private funding will be able to support Chicago.” 

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