Chicago Announcements June 06, 2023

The Community Commission for Public Safety and Accountability is now accepting applications for one open position on the Chicago Police Board. The commission is responsible for nominating three candidates and presenting the names to the mayor, who in return is tasked with selecting one name from the provided list or requesting a new list all together. The selection is subject to approval by the City Council. “Police Board members play a critical role in upholding public safety and ensuring accountability within our law enforcement agencies. Their decisions have a direct impact on our communities and its trust in our police force," Comm. Isaac Troncoso said in a news release. "We encourage individuals with a strong background in law, law enforcement, policy, social work, mental health, community advocacy, civil rights, or related fields to step forward and join us in shaping the future of public safety in our city." Additional information and directions on applying for the position are available online.

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