Ward Reports 04.21.21

  • Ald. Byron Sigcho-Lopez (25) retweeted the Illinois Cannabis Workers Union message Keep the cannabis industry accountable to their promises and say NO to cannabis sweatshops” 
  • Ald. Rossana Rodriguez (33) tweeted about recent youth deaths due to gun violence: “We mourn our babies whose lives are taken by brutal violence. Be it police violence of the violence that comes as a result of poverty, systemic racism and neglect. We are tired of seeing so many lives taken and families destroyed. It’s time for massive investment in communities.”
  • Ald. Andre Vasquez (40) tweeted, “grateful to see a guilty verdict in the #ChauvinTrial. This is what accountability looks like. Chicago could use some of it.”  
  • Ald. Matt Martin (47) tweeted, “we need to find ways to bring more affordable, family sized units online — particularly when it’s these sorts of units we’re losing to deconversions and tear downs” along with information about an updated Affordability Requirements Ordinance, which he voted to approve on Tuesday.  
  • Ald. Maria Hadden (49) retweeted information about a Wednesday rally for community police oversight at the Thompson Center, writing “We can’t afford to wait any longer. Support the #UnityOrdinance.” 
  • Comm. Kevin Morrison (D-15tweeted, “I was honored to speak at Schaumburg Education Association’s Representative Assembly yesterday. It’s never been clearer that educators are essential workers. Teachers are essential. All school staff are essential.” 

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